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Glue Sticks

by Shakelous

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i come stepping to the stage like a professional wrestler
with some corny theme music getting booed by the rest of ya
choke slamming your girl, through the box spring of her bed
you say hip hop is dead i'm drop kicking your head
im a fucking asshole, when sipping up on some whiskey
ill be throwing your hacky sack and cracking your ultimate frisbee
cuz you kids be, a damn disgrace to my generation
that's while i hocking loogies and spitting in your faces
i'm racist, to anyone who isn't colored purple
threw a brick through your car rear window, no steve urkle
i did, you kids rap, this shit that, is so wack
you should just kill yourself and stop making tracks;
please; i'm taking it back to bed rock
with a bar of dove soap up in a tube sock
to facilitate you new recruits washing the fuck out
so i can relax and kick back with my feet up in this house
this ain't shake-a-louce... this is shakelous
the mother fucking gentleman that be dirty dicking your mom down
with the truly underground sound coming back around with
a clenched fist aimed at these fucking wack clowns
this ain't no breaking news, shake stay erasing fools
while you dress in womens clothing late night and be chasing dudes
i'm racing through the ranks right past all these wannabe emcees
you paid a prostie on craigslist and got hep-c
blessed be the man, you hearing spitting clearer
than that mother fucking idiot you see up in your mirror
anybody that steps to ends up regretful
i'll hang you by your mic chord up in your bedroom
'who's the fuck is he?' i'm the mother fucking champion
of fucking your little sister after force feeding her ambien
no need for an ambulance, i'll drop her off at 12
with a note pinned to her back that says i'll see you in hell
cuz that's where im headed; you'll quickly get beheaded
when i throw your shitty CD right back in your direction
attention ain't necessary (nope) i'll get it anyway
when i crash the party you held to tell your parents your gay
thanks coming out, we stay straight dumbing out
and when your chick stops by she can't stop coming loud
i fill her up like a pump when i dump
and i change my cell phone number like every single month so,
your jealousy's irrelevant, i just do it better than
every move you've made in life and rap, etc
im better than veterans, you rhyming lines with heaven sent
i'll break every socket that's connecting your skeleton
i'm so abominable, i fill a wiffle ball bat with concrete
and swing it really hard at your abdominals
all my ex girls are claiming that they over me
but it's obvious they still want my semen in they ovaries
nobody is holding me, there is no way you controlling me
i've turned into a fucking wild beasts and it's open season
on these shitty rap heathens and i'm leaving em bleeding
and no, i don't need a reason
i'm just the sickest fucker in the game right now
and you... you're looking pretty gay right now
so just line up like fifty fucking shots of whatever
and i'll down em all and be on a bender till novemeber
yo, my style impetuous and my steez is bonafide
you're embarrassed 'cuz you were seen online boning guys
all alone inside and i'm hoping that you slowly die
while i'm maxing all cool poolside love life (uhhh)
shakes the man, the coolest rapper indeed
i planted the seed in Teen Mom 2 Season 3
fiending for beef? ill throw a drink in your face and beg you to bring it
and slam your fucking head against the bar until your ears ringing
cuz i'm bringing ignorance back, in a big way
with no concern for what you internet kids say
cuz i'm more dangerous than an ice road trucker, texting his mother
blindfolded while getting a hummer
it's wrestling obsessed drunk belligerent pest
that will OD and die an untimely death
until then, i'm chugging cheap rum out of the bottle
and projectile puking on you wannabe models
and when i'm drving full throttle off the side of the cliff
there'll be chicks at the crash site asking me to sign shit
i'm the raddest rapper that you've heard in a long time
karate chop your throat if you misquote my raw lines
i'm rude and a nuisance and couldn't give two shits
'bout your silly facebook and your movements
it's 2012 if you ain't up on my new shit
you'll be left behind like kids chewing on glue sticks


released December 22, 2012
recorded at the hart dungeon
production by tellingbeatzz


all rights reserved



Shakelous New York, New York

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