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Rock On (feat. Joey 2 Sites)

from Ego Death by Shakelous



[joey 2 sites]
i got my vans on, kohl's sale pants on
up in this bitch like a tampon
rubber bands on, the outside of my money
from LI to philly where it's always mother fucking sunny

thigh gripping my side chick
and i got one hand on her titty
the other holding some fried chicken
my spitting fire shit is hotter than your mom's tit
first time on the track in 8 years, bomb shit

pompous ain't no mother fucking fakes here
let me introduce my man dan shakespeare
eating fake rappers up until his plates cleared
(where's daddy?) at the bottom of the lake dear

you better drop to the floor when i enter the building
unless you came for the raw then put your hands to the ceiling
it's shakelous, the name always flying out your lips
back rhyming with the fliest dude that i ever met

joey 2 sites and I made sure that my boots tight
to kick your fucking ass and turn this cypher to a food fight
better pipe n' put the mic down fucker right now
im coming to pull your bitch out her night gown

and every chick in the place is like whose he
all they ever get is cum on their shirt and bruised knees
illest mother fuckers ever on beats or loose leaf
one inch punching your bitch up in her cunt no Bruce Lee

you better get with the style coming up right now
everybody in the world straight love the sound
we rock on rock on
rock on rock on rock on
you better get with the style coming up right now
everybody in the world straight love the sound
we rock on rock on
rock on rock on rock on

[joey 2 sites]
shakes and joey 2 sites, your boy and his bitch
i fucked your little sister (woops) Freudian slip
i put it in her butt i guess she into that
she did some shit i never even seen up on the internet

good thing i taped it and sent it into bang bros
now the whole world can watch me playing with her mangos
i'm just trying to sit around and play call of duty
with a thick chick with some big tits and a booty

i just wanna get fucked up and make tracks,
fuck a southern bitch on the top of a hay stack
i like bitches like white bitches love avocado
and fuck bitches constantly like Avogadro

long islands what I rep, 516 is the number
the grid is where I'm at when I'm not balls deep in your mother
im a beast in the covers, pounding cheeks till they rupture
if they scream for it rougher, leave it three different colors

that's red black and blue; the best rapping dude
stepping up to your crew like what the fuck you gon' do?
suicidal homicidal genocidal fucking zombie
at your daughters recital dressed as bill cosby

who wanna taste my barbecue sauce?
you'll never get back the hours that you lost
use your cd to cut your fucking head off
4 iron in your chicks ass is how i get the lead off


from Ego Death, released January 26, 2016


all rights reserved



Shakelous New York, New York

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